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The Beginning!

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Welcome to LincolnGrows. It’s crazy to think that this is what we looked like this only 3 short months ago!

Since May of 2019, our initiative has blossomed from a humble “garden club” to a full-blown outdoor classroom experience.

July 16-August 2: prepared the grounds for planting.

Huge shout out to Danner Landscaping for donating sod removal services, The Sybert Group for donating their time moving 30 cubic yards of dirt and mulch, and the many volunteers who moved these materials by hand!

July 28: Building of the raised beds.

We had a handful of volunteers come out and donate their time and expertise in order to get these beds level and sturdy.

August 3: Landscaping Day!

We had over 40 volunteers come out and donate their time to plant our sensory pathway, weed, mulch, and construct our convertible benches.

August 10: Filling the raised beds

Tons of volunteers came out on the last weekend before school in order to move 3cubic yards of dirt by hand. We also had some awesome helpers that power washed the concrete after we finished moving the dirt.

Its been a whirlwind of a journey thus far, but there’s still more elements coming! Next on the docket:

-S.T.E.M. Spot:

With this magnetic board, kids can experience force, motion, and gravity through natural play and instruction.

-Exploration Station:

Weather elements, scales, and standing desks will be placed in this area for many cross-curriculum uses.

-Zen Zone:

Utilizing social worker Kellie Butterbach’s ideas, this is a place for kids to be able to practice mindfulness in a peaceful environment surrounded by nature.

-Concrete Enhancements:

10-frames, 5 number lines, and a United States map will be seal-coated onto the concrete for durability. Add in some kiddos, and you’ll have a recipe for success for the kinesthetic learners.


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