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Children Cannot Bounce Off The Walls If You Take Away The Walls-Erin Kenny

The first full week of school has been so much fun introducing the kiddos to the outdoor classroom!

Some of the best quotes from the week:

-Investigating catmint: “When I touch this one my fingers smell like Christmas!”

-Looking at turkey feathers with a magnifying glass: “How come I don’t see any of these feathers during thanksgiving?”

-Planting red lettuce seeds: “I think I’ll come out here tomorrow and make myself a lovely salad.”

-Looking at pumpkin sprouts: “This is so exciting! We get to pick pumpkins at Fall Fest!”

Lincoln parents: don’t forget to ask your kiddos if they got a chance to explore outside this week and plant some seeds.

It’s beautiful to see these kids experiencing this stuff, some of them for the first time. Thank you again to all of the people and organizations who donated funds, the volunteers, and the staff who helped make this happen! Each and every one of you matter, and you’re leaving a legacy for the growth of Lincoln Elementary.

Thank you!


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