Look deep into nature,

and then you will understand everything better. 

-Albert Einstein

Studies have shown that schools with an outdoor curriculum score higher than those with traditional systems in 72% of assessments: in everything from math and science to attendance.

We are hoping that this entire space will inspire our kinesthetic learners to absorb more of the lesson. Kinesthetic learners need to move their bodies in order to learn. Sometimes, these learners are labeled as “fidgety” and their behavior is misinterpreted as distracted or bored; however, this movement is simply them trying to process the information in the most effective possible way. This outdoor classroom space allows them to learn through doing and equips teachers with another tool to aide in reaching their students.​

Students in classes taught outdoors earned higher standardized test scores and saw improved grade point averages. Apart from  academics, research shows that time in nature:

• Facilitates better physical development

• Improves fitness and motor skills

• Provides effective relationship-building in a cooperative, non-competitive environment

• Reduces violence and bullying

• Decreases disciplinary referrals

• Develops an interest in science and math in connection with nature

• Boosts cognitive functioning

• Reduces stress

• Improves focus and attention

• Builds stewardship skills for the environment

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